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disaster scams

Don’t Let Disaster Strike Twice! Scam of the Week

The BBB Education Foundation/Texas Senior Medicare Patrol is working hard to ensure they are keeping the community safe from SCAMS. Each week they share a “scam of the week” video on YouTube. This week’s episode is Don’t Let Disaster Strike Twice! Disaster Scams.

Help us stop these scams – please send out to your community! View the past scam videos:

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Stay safe from robocalls – https://youtu.be/Z4smoNfzVn4

Telehealth Scams and Medicare Coverage During COVID-19 – https://youtu.be/ZDh4shppu0U

Tips to avoid Mother’s Day scams – https://youtu.be/Zv1Onp7hhN8

Phishing Email Scams – https://youtu.be/vKCUeT_HQKU

Puppy Love – https://youtu.be/o7e5xS8WfJ0