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November 2019

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Cut Health Costs with Generic Prescription Drugs Many who are under 65 do not have Medicare, causing them to struggle sometimes with covering their prescription costs. Shopping for generic prescriptions available at local pharmacies may relieve this burden even for those who have Medicare or other insurance. This HEB Generic Medication listing includes some of the most commonly prescribed medications for older adults. Other pharmacies may also offer similar prices for

Since 1971 the Retired and Senior Volunteer Program (RSVP) provides diverse opportunities for seniors to volunteer in their communities. Some examples of volunteering include tutoring, home renovations, disaster assistance, and helping others live independently. By giving back to their communities, older Americans benefit from a more active and healthier lifestyle and may gain new skills during their service. For more information, download the Hill Country Community Action (HCCA) RSVP brochure

The 28 Texas Area Agencies on Aging conducted a series of town halls to collect opinions from community members about what matters most to the older adults and caregivers who live in our region. Responses will guide the Area Plans for Aging Services and help determine the programs and services offered. Some of the important issues discussed at our regional town halls included: Transportation - how to improve transportation concerns